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A  W  A  R  D  S 

  • 1967   The Pro Musica Medal

  • 1972   1st Prize of the internal Finnish piano competition as                   part of the Nordic Piano Competition

  • 1973   1st Prize in the Maj Lind Piano Competition in Helsinki.

  • 1985   The Siikajoki Cross of Merit with Diploma, awarded by                   the Finnish Army.

  • 1996   The Sibelius Medal, awarded by the Birth Place of                         Sibelius in Hämeenlinna.

  • 1999   Artist of the Year 1999, votation by the UK Sibelius                         Society.

  • 2002–
    2006   Five Years’ State Salary Scholarship granted by the                       Central Committee of Arts in Finland.

  • 2009   Cross of Merit of Finland’s Lion’s Order awarded by the                 Finnish President Tarja Halonen.

  • 2010   Cultural Prize for ‘The Work of a Life Time’, awarded to                 Suvi and Folke Gräsbeck by the Foundation of Ella and                 Georg Ehrnrooth.

  • 2013   ‘Pianist in Residence’, title awarded by the Academic                      Symphony Orchestra of Åbo Akademi (Turku)

  • 2014    The Sibelius Medal, awarded by The Sibelius Society of                Finland.

  • 2015    The Sibelius Medal in Silver, awarded by the Birth Place                of Sibelius in Hämeenlinna.

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