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BIS Sibelius Edition 

Box 2 Chamber Music I BIS-CD-1903-05


DISC 4 Piano Trios Vol. 1 

Jaakko Kuusisto, Satu Vänskä, violin, Marko Ylönen, cello, Folke Gräsbeck, piano 

Sibelius: Trio in G major*, JS 205 (1883), [Menuetto] in D minor* (1882–85), Menuetto in F major*, JS 126 (1883), [Andante] – Adagio –Allegro maestoso*, (1883–85), Piano Trio in A minor*, JS 206 (1884), [Moderato] in A minor* (1885), [Allegro] in C major* (1885), Allegro in D major*, JS 27 (1886), [Andantino] in A major* (Hafträsk 1886), completed by Jaakko Kuusisto, Piano Trio in A minor ‘Hafträsk’*, JS 207 (1886)

World Première Recordings* on previously released CD as BIS-CD-1282 Sibelius: Complete Piano Trios Volume 1.

Ensemble, Hans-Dieter Grünefeld: Interpretation  *  *  *  *  *

Fono Forum, Michael Kube: Interpretation  *  *  *  *  *


DISC 5 Piano Trios Vol. 2

Jaakko Kuusisto,  violin, Marko Ylönen, cello, Folke Gräsbeck, piano 

Sibelius: Piano Trio in D major ‘Korpo’*, JS 209 (1887), Andantino in G minor*, JS 43 (1887), [Allegretto] in A flat major* (1887–88), Piano Trio in C major ‘Lovisa’, JS 208 (1888), [Allegro] in D minor* (1889), completed by Kalevi Aho,  [Allegretto] in E flat major* (1891–92), completed by Jaakko Kuusisto, La pompeuse Marche d’Asis*, JS 116 (Vienna 1891)

World Première Recordings* on previously released CD as BIS-CD-1292 Sibelius: Complete Piano Trios Volume 2.

Daily Telegraph, Geoffrey Norris: “Delightful Performances”


DISC 6 Piano Quartets

Jaakko Kuusisto, Satu Vänskä, violin, Taneli Turunen, cello, Folke Gräsbeck, Peter Lönnqvist, piano, Harri Viitanen, harmonium 

Sibelius: Quartet in D minor* for two violins, cello and piano, JS 157 (1884), Ljunga Wirginia*, Quartet for violin, cello and piano four hands (‘Opera’ to a lost libretto by Walter von Konow) (1885), sixth movement completed by Kalevi Aho, Scherzo in E minor* for violin, cello and piano four hands, JS 165 (1887), completed by Kalevi Aho, Andante cantabile in E flat major* for piano and harmonium, JS 30b (1887), Quartet in G minor* for violin, cello, piano and harmonium, JS 158 (1887), Quartet in C minor for two violins, cello and piano, JS 156 (Vienna 1891)

World Première Recordings* on previously released CD as BIS-CD-1182  Sibelius: Complete Piano Quartets.

Ensemble, Hans-Dieter Grünefeld: Interpretation  *  *  *  *  *

BIS-CD-1182 was included in Frankfurter Allgemeine: Platten des Jahres 2005



Box 4 Piano Music I BIS-CD-1909-11

Folke Gräsbeck, piano


DISC 1 Youth Production for Piano Vol. 1

World Première Recordings**


Sibelius: Scherzo in E major with Trio in E minor*, JS 134a (1885 for string quartet, arr. for piano 1886), Con moto, sempre una corda*, JS 52 (1885), [Three Pieces] (1885): [Andante] in E flat major*, JS 74, [Menuetto] in A minor*, JS 5, [Tempo di valse] in A major*, JS 2, Scherzo in E major with [Trio] in A major*, JS 134b (1885 for string quartet, arr. for piano 1886), [11 Variations on a harmonic formula] in D major* (1886), from [Music Book, 118 Harmony Exercises] (1886): No. 105. [Waltz] in D minor**, No. 111 [Andantino] in B flat major**, [A Catalogue of Themes, 50 Short Pieces]* (1887), Trånaden (Suckarnes mystèr), Fantasy for piano with recitation* (text: E. J. Stagnelius), JS 203 (Korpo 1887) with Lasse Pöysti, recitation,  Andante in E flat major*, JS 30a (1887, arr. 1887), [Aubade] in A flat major*, JS 46 (1887), Au crépuscule*, JS 47 (Korpo 1887), [Five Short Pieces]* (1888)


World Première Recordings* on previously released CD as BIS-CD-1067 Jean Sibelius: Youth Production for Solo Piano Volume 1.

BBC Music Magazine, Robert Layton: Performance *  *  *  *  *  

BIS-CD-1067 was included in Helsingin Sanomat: The best Records of 2000


DISC 2 Youth Production for Piano Vol. 2


Sibelius: [Three Short Pieces] (1888): Andantino in B major*, JS 44, Allegretto in B flat minor*, JS 18, Allegro in F minor*, [Three Waltzes] (1888): [Waltz] in E major*, Più lento – Tempo di valse in E flat major*, JS 150, [Waltz, Fragment] in F minor*, [Two Pieces] (1888): Andantino in E major*, JS 41, [Two Sketches. Presto] in A minor*, JS 6, [Two Pieces] (1888): Allegretto in G minor*, JS 24, Moderato – Presto in D minor*, JS 133, [Allegro, Fragment] in E major* (1888) [Preliminary sketch for Upp genom luften for mixed choir and piano, JS 213], O, om du sett for recitation and piano*, JS 141 (1888) with Lasse Pöysti, recitation,  [Three Sonata Movements] (1888): Largo in A major*, JS 117, Vivace in D minor*, JS 221, Adagio in D major*, JS 11, [Three Fugue Expositions]* (1888–89), [Polka]* in E flat major, JS 75 (1888–89), Florestan, Suite for piano, JS 82 (1889), Allegretto in E major*, JS 21 (1889), Valse à Betzy Lerche*, JS 1 (1889), [Sonata Allegro: exposition and development section] in D minor*, JS 179a, Sonata Fragments for Becker 1889 J.S.: [Two Sonata Sketches]*, [Eleven Sonata Sketches]*, [Sonata Allegro: exposition] in F minor*, JS 179b, completed by Kalevi Aho,  [Sonata Allegro: exposition] in C major*, JS 179c, [Sonata Allegro] in E major*, JS 179d, [Sonata Allegro: exposition] in C minor*, JS 179e, completed by Kalevi Aho, [Polka, Fragment] in E minor* (1890–92), [Mazurka, Sketch] in D minor* (1891–94), Scherzo in F sharp minor*, JS 164 (1891).

World Première Recordings* on previously released CD as BIS-CD-1202 Jean Sibelius: Youth Production for Solo Piano Volume 2.

BBC Music Magazine, Robert Layton: Performance *  *  *  *  *


DISC 3 Piano Music, Opp. 5, 11, 12, 15


Sibelius: Menuetto in B flat major* (1891–92) [Preliminary version of Op. 27/2], [Waltz] in D flat major* (1891–93), Six Impromptus Op. 5 (1893), from Karelia Suite, Op. 11 (1893, arr. 1897): I. Intermezzo, II. Ballade, Sonata in F major, Op. 12 (1893), from Skogsrået, Op. 15 (1894–95, arr. 1895): Molto sostenuto, Allegretto in F major*, JS 23 (1895–96), Caprizzio in B flat minor* (1895), Lento in E major*, JS 119 (1896–97), Allegretto in G minor*, JS 225 (1897), [Caprice, Op. 24/3]* (first version 1898), Andantino in F major*, Op. 24/7 (first version 1899), Menuetto in B flat major* (1898–1900), Marche triste*, JS 124 (1899), [Allegro] in G minor* (1899–1903), Kavaljeren, JS 109 (Berlin 1900).

World Première Recordings* on previously released CD as BIS-CD-1272 Sibelius: Complete Piano Music Volume 3.

BIS-CD-1272 was included in Helsingin Sanomat: The best Records of 2006


DISC 4 Piano Music, Opp. 24, 26, 27, 31/2–3

World Première Recordings*

Sibelius: Andantino* [Preliminary version of Idyll, Op. 24/6] (1897), Ten Pieces, Op. 24: 1. Impromptu (1895), 2. Romance in A major (1895), 3. Caprice (final version 1898), 4. Romance in D minor (1896–98), 5. Valse in E major (1898), 6. Idyll (first version 1897–98), 7. Andantino in F major (final version 1899), 8. Nocturno (1900), 9. Romance in D flat major (1901), 10. Barcarola (1903), 6. Idyll (1897–98, revised version 1904), Finlandia, Op. 26 (1899, rev. & arr. 1900), Kung Kristian II, Op. 27, Incidental music to the play by Adolf Paul (1898, arr. 1898): 1. Élégie, 2. Menuetto, 3. Musette, 4. Sången om korsspindeln (Fool’s Song of the Spider), [Three Sketches] (1895–98): 1. B flat minor* [preliminar sketch for the Molto moderato section of Cassazione, Op. 6, and Epilogue from The Tempest, Op. 109], 2. D flat major*, 3. C major*, [Largamente] in D minor* (1897–99), Har du mod? (Have You Courage?), Op. 31/2 [piano solo version = fourth version] (1904, rev. & arr. 1911 & 1912), Athenarnes sång (Song of the Athenians), Op. 31/3(1899, arr. 1899).


DISC 5 Piano Music, Opp. 34, [39], 40, 41, 44/1, 45

World Première Recordings*

Sibelius: Finnish Folk-songs arranged for piano, JS 81 (1902–03): 1. Minun kultani kaunis on, sen suu kuin auran kukka (My beloved is beautiful, her mouth like a corn-cockle), 2. Sydämestäni rakastan (I love you with all my Heart), 3. Ilta tulee, ehtoo joutuu (Evening Comes),

4. Tuopa tyttö, kaunis tyttö (That Beautiful Girl),  5. Velisurmaaja (The Fratricide), 6. Häämuistelma (Wedding Memory), Minun kultani kaunis on, vaikk’on kaitaluinen (My beloved is beautiful, even though her frame is slender)* (1902–03, sketch), [Adagio] in C major* (1901–05), [Polka] ‘Aino’ in C minor* (1902–1905), Ten Bagatelles, Op. 34: Couplet, Op. 34 No. 4 (first version 1914), 1. Valse in D flat major  (1914), 2. Air de danse (1914), 3. Mazurka (1914), 4. Couplet (1914, second version), 5. Boutade (1914), 6. Rêverie (1913), 7. Danse pastorale (1916),

8. Joueur de harpe (1916), 9. Reconnaissance (1916), 10. Souvenir (1916), [Andante (ma non troppo lento)] in C sharp minor (1898–99, preliminary sketch for the slow movement of Symphony No. 1 in E minor, Op. 39), Ten Pensées lyriques, Op. 40: 1. Valsette (1912), 2. Chant sans paroles (1913), 3. Humoresque (1913), 4. Menuetto (1913), 5. Berceuse (1913), 6. Pensée mélodique (1914), 7. Rondoletto (1914),

8. Scherzando (1915), 9. Petite sérénade (1915), 10. Polonaise (1916), Kyllikki, three lyric pieces, Op. 41 (1904), Valse triste,Op. 44/1

from the incidental music to the play Kuolema (Death) by Arvid Järnefelt (1903, rev. & arr. 1904, preliminary piano transcription)*,

Valse triste, Op. 44/1 (1903, rev. & arr. 1904, definitive piano transcription), The Dryad, Op. 45/1 (1910, arr. 1910), Dance-Intermezzo, Op. 45/2  (1904, rev. & arr. 1904)

Box 4 Press:

American Record Guide, Trotter: “I cannot praise the pianist or BIS’s engineers highly enough – the piano sound is consistently rich, warm, and vivid. Also a stand-out is the Kalevala-inspired suite Kyllikki, Op. 41. Glenn Gould, in particular, was very  fond of this suite and made a beguiling recording of it. Gräsbeck’s reading is no less captivating and is a shade warmer and more winsome. In truth, his cumulative achievement – more than six hours of mostly unfamiliar music – is nothing less than heroic.”

Fanfare, Richard A. Kaplan: “Gräsbeck makes a most persuasive case for just about all of this music, and Sibelius’s output for solo piano will likely never again be recorded as comprehensively or as well.”


Box 6 Violin & Piano BIS-CD-1915-17


DISC 1 Youth Production for Violin & Piano Vol. 1

Jaakko Kuusisto, violin, Folke Gräsbeck, piano


Sibelius: Sonata in A minor* JS 177 (1884), Andante grazioso*, JS 35 (1884–85), Sonata [movement] in D major (1885): Allegro con brio*,

[Moderato] – Presto – [Tempo I] in A minor*, JS 7 (1886), [Menuetto] in D minor* (1886), [Menuetto] in E minor*, JS 67 (1886–87),

[Andantino] in A minor*, JS 8 (1886–87), [Five Pieces] (1886–87): [Allegretto] in G major*, JS 86 (revised version), [Tempo di valse] in B minor*, JS 89, completed by Jaakko Kuusisto, [Mazurka] in A major*, JS 4, [Andante molto] in C major*, JS 49, [Aubade] in A major*, JS 3, [Scherzino] in F major*, JS 78 (1886–87), [Andante elegiaco] in F sharp minor* (1887), Andante cantabile in G major*, JS 33 (1887),  [Sonata Allegro Exposition] in B minor*, JS 90 (1887), Suite in D minor*, JS 187 (1887–88).

*World Première Recordings on previously released CD as BIS-CD-1022 Jean Sibelius: Complete Youth Production for Violin and Piano Volume 1.

BIS-CD-1022 was elected Record of the year 1999 by UK Sibelius Society

The Times, Hilary Finch: “WE THOUGHT we knew Sibelius, but the past decade exhumed much revelatory unheard music. And now the ever-enterprising BIS label has teamed two of Finland’s finest chamber musicians to perform early, unpublished pieces by Sibelius. You can just sit back and revel in the Nordic Viennoiserie of Sibelius’s little apprentice Sonata in A minor, enjoy the whims of the little Menuettos and Andantes all of them recreated in the quicksilver responses of these performers.”


DISC 2 Youth Production for Violin & Piano Vol. 2

Jaakko Kuusisto, violin, Folke Gräsbeck, piano


Sibelius: [Three Pieces] (1887–88): Moderato – Maestoso*, JS 132, [Interludium for piano] in C minor*, [Maestoso] in C minor*, [Two Pieces]: [Lento] in E flat minor*, JS 76 (1887–88), Allegretto in E flat major*, JS 22 (1888), Allegretto in C major*, JS 19 (1888), [Tempo di valse] in A major* (1888), Suite in E major, JS 188 (1888), Allegro [Sonata Exposition] in A minor*, JS 26 (1888–89), [Larghetto, Fragment] in D minor* (1889), Sonata in F major, JS 178 (1889), [Largamente, Fragment] in E minor*(1889–91), [Adagio] in D minor (1890), [Grave, Fragment] in D minor* (1891–94).

*World Première Recordings on previously released CD as BIS-CD-1023 Jean Sibelius: Complete Youth Production for Violin and Piano Volume 2.


DISC 3 Violin Concerto arranged by Sibelius for violin and piano, Op. 47

Madoka Sato, violin, Folke Gräsbeck, piano


Sibelius: Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47 (original version – 1903–04), Transcription for violin and piano by the composer

(first movement piano part completed by Kalevi Aho  in 2007), World Première Recording ,

Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47 (final version 1905), Transcription for violin and piano by the composer.



Madoka Sato, violin, Folke Gräsbeck, piano

Sibelius: [Andante sostenuto] in E major (1915?), World Première Recording.



Madoka Sato, violin, Folke Gräsbeck, piano


*World Première Recordings

Sibelius: 5 Danses Champêtres, Op. 106 (1924–25), [Allegretto] in G major* (preliminary version 1886–87), Romance in F major*, Op. 78/2 (preliminary version 1915), From Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47: 1905 version/I movement – before bars 420–24 (9 additional bars in place of the deleted second cadenza)*, 1905 version/I movement – bars 75–99 (2 additional bars between bars 89–90 in piano part)*, II movement  – bars 1–31 (draft version for solo piano, Adagio sostenuto in A major)*, 1904 version/II movement – bars 57–70 (alternative ending)*, 1905 version/II movement – bars 30–36 (alternative piano part, bar 33)*, 1904 version/III movement – bars 168–88 (simplified solo part, bars 178–81, believed to have been prepared for Viktor Nováček at the première in 1904)*.


Box 7 Songs BIS-CD-1918-20

Monica Groop, mezzo-soprano Jorma Hynninen baritone Helena Juntunen, soprano  Dan Karlström, tenor  Anne Sofie von Otter, mezzo-soprano Gabriel Suovanen, baritone  Bengt Forsberg, Folke Gräsbeck, Lowe Dervinger,  piano Lasse Pöysti, recitation  Jaakko Kuusisto, violin Joel Laakso,  Marko Ylönen, cello

*World Première Recordings



The following list of songs is presented as Opus or JS No.: Title + [English translation]. Year of. Poet. Performers. Additional notes.




JS 138: Näcken [The Watersprite]. 1888. Gunnar Wennerberg. Groop, Pöysti, Kuusisto, Laakso, Gräsbeck. Included as World Première Recording in the Box THE ESSENTIAL SIBELIUS, BIS-CD-1697/1700.


JS 56: Då världar ännu skapade ej voro* [When Worlds Still Uncreated Were]. 1888. Anonymous. Juntunen, Ylönen, Gräsbeck.    


[-] : Solen slog himlen röd…* [The Sun Reddened the Sky…]. 1888. Ernst Josephson. Groop, Gräsbeck.


JS 143: Orgier [Orgies]. 1888-89. Lars Stenbäck. Karlström, Gräsbeck.


[-]: Höstkväll* [Autumn Evening]. 1888-89. Viktor Rydberg. Groop, Gräsbeck.           


[-]:Flickan gick en vintermorgon*  [The Maiden Went One Winter Morning] 1890-92, fragment. J. L. Runeberg. Groop, Gräsbeck.


[-]: Jag kysser dig [och ledsnar] ej* [I Kiss You and do not Tire]. 1889-91. J. L. Runeberg. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.


[-]: Löjet var utan hem* [Folly was Homeless]. 1890-91. J. L. Runeberg. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.


JS 57: Den första kyssen [The First Kiss]. 1890-91. J. L. Runeberg. Groop, Gräsbeck.


JS 211: Tule, tule kultani [Come, Come, My Sweetheart]. (folk-song arrangement) 1892. Trad. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 33: Koskenlaskijan morsiamet [The Rapids-Rider's Brides]. 1897. A. Oksanen.                     Suovanen, Gräsbeck. Arrangement for voice and piano by the composer.




JS 166: Segelfahrt [Sailing]. 1899. Johannes Öhquist. Karlström, Gräsbeck.


JS 42: Andantino in E flat minor [Säf, säf, susa/Sigh, Sigh, Sedges]. 1900. Gustaf Fröding. Juntunen,  Gräsbeck.


[-]: Jag ville, jag vore i Indialand* [I wish I were in India]. 1903-04. Gustaf Fröding. Groop, Gräsbeck. Performing version by Folke Gräsbeck.


Op. 38: Five Songs. 1903–04.

Op. 38/1: Höstkväll [Autumn Evening]. 1903. Viktor Rydberg. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.       


Op. 38/2: På verandan vid havet [On a Balcony by the Sea]. 1903. Viktor Rydberg.  Juntunen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 38/3: I natten [In the Night]. 1903. Viktor Rydberg. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.                                                   


Op. 38/4: Harpolekaren och hans son [The Harper and his Son]. 1904. Viktor Rydberg. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 38/5: Jag ville, jag vore i Indialand [I wish I were in India]. 1904. Gustaf Fröding. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.


JS 73: Erloschen [Extinguished]. 1906. Georg Busse-Palma. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.



Op. 35/1: Jubal. 1908. Ernst Josephson. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.     

Op. 35/2: Teodora. 1908. Bertel Gripenberg. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.                                                                          


JS 215: Vänskapens blomma [The Flower of Friendship]. 1909. Ernst Josephson. Groop, Gräsbeck.


Op. 60: Two Songs from 'Twelfth Night'.William Shakespeare. 1909. Swedish version by Carl August Hagberg. Arrangements for voice and piano by the composer. Groop, Gräsbeck.


Op. 60/1: Kom nu hit, död [Come Away, Death]. 1909. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 60/2: Hållilå, uti storm och i regn [Hey, ho, the Wind and the Rain]. 1909. Suovanen, gräsbeck.


Op. 61: Eight Songs. 1910.

Op. 61/1: Långsamt som kvällskyn [Slowly as the Evening Sky]. 1910. K. A. Tavaststjerna. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 61/2: Vattenplask [Lapping Waters]. 1910. Viktor Rydberg. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 61/3: När jag drömmer [When I Dream]. 1910. K. A. Tavaststjerna. Suovanen, Gräsbeck. 


Op. 61/4: Romeo. 1910. K. A. Tavaststjerna. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 61/5: Romans [Romance]. 1910. K. A. Tavaststjerna. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 61/6: Dolce far niente. 1910. K. A. Tavaststjerna. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 61/7: Fåfäng önskan [Idle Wishes]. 1910. J. L. Runeberg. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 61/8: Vårtagen [The Spell of Springtide]. 1910. Bertel Gripenberg. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.





Op. 70: Luonnotar*. 1913, arr. Kalevala I : 111–242. Juntunen, Gräsbeck. Arrangement for voice and piano by the composer.


Op. 7: Kullervon valitus [Kullervo’s Lament]. 1892, arr. 1917-18. Kalevala XXXV: 271–86. Suovanen,  Gräsbeck. Arrangement for voice and piano by the composer.


JS 136: Mummon syntymäpäivänä [Birthday Song to Grandmother]. 1919.  Anonymous. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 96b: Autrefois, Scéne pastorale*. 1919–20, arr. 1920.  Hjalmar Procopé. Juntunen, Groop, Gräsbeck. Arrangement for two voices and piano by the composer.


JS 170b: Siltavahti [The Guardian of the Bridge]. 1928. Wäinö Sola. Karlström, Gräsbeck.




JS 167: Serenad*. Preliminary version 1889. J. L. Runeberg. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 13:  From Seven Runeberg Songs, Op. 13 (preliminary versions)

Op. 13/2: Kyssens hopp* [The Kiss’s Hope]. 1892. J. L. Runeberg. Hynninen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 13/3: Hjärtats morgon* [The Heart’s Morning]. 1890. J. L. Runeberg. Hynninen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 13/5: Drömmen* [The Dream]. 1891. J. L. Runeberg. Hynninen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 7: Kullervos Wehruf* [Kullervo’s Lament] 1892, rev. 1892-93. Kalevala XXXV: 271–86. Suovanen, Gräsbeck. German version by Franz Anton von Schiefner.              Arrangements for voice and piano by the composer.


Op. 17/1: Se’n har jag ej frågat mera* [Since Then I Have Questioned No Further]. 1890-92, early draft. J. L. Runeberg. Gräsbeck.


JS 87: Soluppgång [Sunrise]. 1902. Tor Hedberg. Preliminary version. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.


JS 48/2b: Judeflickans sång* [The Jewish Girl’s Song/Solitude]. First version 1906. Hjalmar Procopé. Groop, Gräsbeck. [Op. 51/2] from the music to the play Belsazars gästabud [Belshazzar’s Feast]. Rev. c. 1907. Arrangement for voice and piano by the composer.


Op. 72/6: Hundra vägar* [A Hundred Ways]. Preliminary version 1907. J. L. Runeberg. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 35/2: Teodora*. Preliminary version 1908. Bertel Gripenberg. Suovanen, Gräsbeck.


JS 97: Hymn to Thaïs, the Unforgettable*. First version 1909. Arthur Borgström. Juntunen, Gräsbeck.


Op. 61/6: Dolce far niente*. Preliminary version 1910. K. A. Tavaststjerna. Juntunen,  Gräsbeck.


Op. 1/5: On hanget korkeat, nietokset [High are the Snowdrifts]. 1901. Wilkku Joukahainen. Rev. 1903–05. Juntunen, Groop, Gräsbeck. Arrangement for two voices and piano by the composer.


Op. 96b: Pastorale*, extract from Autrefois. 1919-1920, arr. 1920. Hjalmar Procopé. Juntunen,  Groop, Gräsbeck. Arrangement for two voices and piano by the composer.


Box 7 Press: San Fransisco, Stephen Smoliar: *  *  *  *  *


Box 9 Chamber Music II BIS-CD-1924-26

*World Première Recordings

Sibelius: Complete Works for Cello and Piano, Torleif Thedéen, cello – Folke Gräsbek, piano; Opp. 20, 77, 78




Andantino in C major, JS 40** (c. 1884), Andante molto in F minor**, JS 36 (1887), Tempo di valse in G minor*, JS 193 (1887) [piano part by Kalevi Aho 2006], [Lento] in E flat minor*, JS 76 (1887–88), DISC 2 [Andante] in B minor*

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